About Us

We forayed into the Construction business 35 years ago, and are now one of the leading Construction businesses in the city of Ahmedabad. From our humble beginnings- a time when we used to construct ground floor structures, we have built our capacity to construct everything from high- rise structures, Commercial buildings, School buildings, Factory premises and the kind. The organization is nimble yet robust, and is managed by promoters who have a vast amount of experience in their respective areas. A team of dedicated, competent and skilled employees rounds up the rest of the company, providing it with the necessary fuel to achieve new milestones time and again.


Building, Innovating and Defining Sustainable Construction.
To be recognized as a trustworthy choice amongst all associates, channel partners and customers alike in order to continue being a force to be reckoned with in the construction business.

Nobles Construction


Having been in this industry for over three decades, we have realized that we are not in the business of constructing structures as much as we are in the business or making dreams come to life. Adding a humane element is at the core to the Nobles experience and using the highest quality of materials at every step of the way is what makes that possible. For that reason, we strive to follow a no-compromise rule when it comes to the product, its quality and its timely delivery for all our stakeholders.

Nobles Construction

Founder –
Mr. Natwarlal Patel

Through the years, it has been a combination of the ability to visualize and a high level of discipline that has helped me build an organization of this scale and stature. Out of the many lessons that this journey has taught me, one thing that has stuck with me is that a sense of gratitude towards everyone and everything is the most significant thing that one requires in order to attain success against all odds. It is this learning that translates into every brick that we lay. Being associated with various CSR activities has helped me give back to society and make a small dent in this world in my own, personal way. Looking inwards at an individual level and at the company level has been instrumental in getting the company to where it is today. So, we intend on continuing the practice of keeping a keen ear for our employees, vendor partners and customers since they are our true assets.

Nobles Construction

Chairman –
Mr. Naimesh Patel

I believe that one has got to micro- manage when it comes to the Construction business (albeit keeping in mind that one doesn’t curb independent thought and creativity by over- interfering). I say this because it is the personal supervision of each nut, bolt, brick and bar that leads to a finished product with that added flair that is simply absent otherwise. I have always believed in doing things from scratch to understand all the nitty-gritties thoroughly. My higher education in the USA, long before it was the norm, has not only given me a methodical sense of time management but has also instilled in me the thirst to stay updated with the latest in the field of Construction technology at all points in time. The practice of giving my all to whatever it is that I do even when times aren’t demanding, is responsible for keeping me going through the numerous ups and downs of my professional journey.

Nobles Construction